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    Frequent Asked Questions
    Find answers to your frequently asked questions about raising a concern with us


    What happens when I submit my concern or complaint?

    In most cases it will be assigned to one of our Resolution Officers to investigate in line with our informal process. They will work with you to agree a satisfactory outcome to your concerns within 3 working days.

    Will someone contact me?

    Yes, we will arrange for someone to call you to discuss your concerns, unless you ask us not to.

    What happens if the Resolution Officer cannot resolve my concerns?

    They will forward it to our Corporate Complaints & Insight team to be managed formally in line with our process. They will confirm this with you.

    How long will it take you to respond to my formal complaint?  

    If your complaint goes to the formal stage we aim to provide a response within 15 days. If we cannot do this, we will let you know the reasons why and confirm the new response date.

    What if I remain dissatisfied?

    If you consider your complaint remains unresolved following our response, you can ask a Designated Person (your local MP or Councillor, or a designated Tenant Panel where one exists) to assist you. Or refer your complaint to the relevant external body for a review. We are keen to resolve your complaint so if you think we may have missed something you can call us to discuss further.

    Can someone act on my behalf?

    Yes, you will need to let us know in writing that you authorise this person to act on your behalf.

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