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    Complaints FAQ
    Find answers to your frequently asked questions about our Complaints process below.
    • Will someone contact me to discuss my complaint?

    Yes, a member of staff will contact you to discuss your complaint.

    • Can my complaint response be sent directly to me only, via email?

    We can send your complaint response via email or post, please let us know which method you prefer.

    • What if my complaint remains unresolved at stage 1, what are my options?

    If your complaint remains unresolved and you remain dissatisfied you can escalate to stage two of our complaints procedure. The escalation must be submitted to us within 28 calendar days from the date of your stage one response. You will need to specify exactly why your complaint remains unresolved and what you require as an outcome to your complaint.

    • What if I remain dissatisfied following the response at stage two?

    If you wish to take your complaint further following the decision at stage two, you will be advised of your right to approach a “Designated Person” such as an MP, Councillor or a Designated Tenant Panel where one exists. More information on this is available in our complaints guide or by contacting the Corporate Complaints & Customer Insight team on 0300 123 9966. If you are interested in setting up a tenant panel, please contact for more information and to check your eligibility.

    • What does One Housing do with complaints and compliments?

    We use complaints and compliments to make practical improvements to our services. These improvements are regularly published to our residents and our Board. 

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