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    Find out how to swap your home
    If you have a secure, assured or fixed term tenancy you have the right to swap properties with another social rented resident.

    If you have a secure, assured or fixed term tenancy you have the right to swap properties with another social rented tenant.  

    All our social rented residents, with the exception of starter tenants, have a right to exchange their properties. We encourage exchanges and will not usually deny you permission. However residents can’t mutual exchange with tenants in leased or private rented accommodation, or exchange into an empty property. 

    We are signed up to HomeSwapper, the UK's largest online community of social rented tenants looking to swap homes. As a resident you can register with HomeSwapper and House Exchange and search for mutual exchanges through other landlords, for example your local authority. 

    Here we have answered a few questions regarding mutual swap. 

    How do I exchange? 
    First, contact the resident of the property you wish to move to. If both parties are happy to swap, you should then contact us. If you are a One Housing resident and wish to mutual exchange, you will need to complete a form (here) and return it to your local housing office.

    If you would like us to send you a copy, please contact our Customer Information Hub on 0300 123 9966 or 020 8821 5300.

    Once the form has been completed, we will arrange a visit to both properties. If you are moving out of a One Housing property, we will want to discuss the move with you and check the condition of your home.  

    What size of property should I be looking for? 
    You should look for a home that meets your needs. We will refuse an exchange if it means you’ll be under occupying or overcrowded.  

    Why do I need to get permission before exchanging my accommodation? 
    You are legally responsible for your property and for paying your rent. You are required to keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement and must not exchange or assign your tenancy without our consent. We will take legal action against you if you exchange your accommodation without our permission. 

    Are there any conditions for consent? 
    We may have some requirements before an exchange can happen. These may include: 

    • Having a clear rent account at the time of exchange.
    • The property should have an up-to-date gas safety certificate.
    • Alterations or damage to the property beyond wear and tear are fixed.

    Can a mutual exchange be refused?

    We may refuse a mutual exchange if: 

    • Either tenant has a suspended or outright possession order.
    • Possession proceedings have started because of rent arrears or anti-social behaviour.
    • The accommodation is substantially larger than needed or not suitable.
    • The accommodation is not large enough to house the family.
    • The accommodation has been adapted for a person with a disability and there would be no disabled person moving in.
    • The property is to accommodate a person with special needs and no one with those needs would be moving in.
    • The landlord is a registered charity and occupation would conflict with its charitable objectives.

    In some circumstances we have the right to refuse the mutual exchange if the rent on the existing tenancies has not been paid or if there has been another breach of tenancy.  

    Please see our additional FAQs for any other questions you may have. 

    For more information, contact our Customer Information Hub on 0300 123 9966 or at

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