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    Do you want to downsize to a smaller property?
    Whether you are affected by the 'bedroom tax' or just finding it difficult to manage your larger home, we're here to help you by offering advice and support all the way.

    If you are One Housing resident and you transfer to smaller accommodation through the One Housing transfer list, you may be entitled to an incentive payment of £500 for each extra bedroom you give up. 

    Another way you can downsize is to register on HomeSwapper where you can see tenants who you could swap properties with. The tenant you may choose to swap with could have a different social landlord, so you would possibly not remain one of our tenants if you took this option.

    Want to downsize but worried that you are in arrears? We want to help tenants to downsize to smaller accommodation even with arrears, so please don’t let this stop you registering.


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