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    Tenancy sustainment and floating support
    We are one of the leading providers of large scale floating support in the South East. We work with around 3,000 people at any time.

    Our floating support services help customers with a range of different needs and situations including:

    • mental health problems
    • teenage parents
    • single homeless and homeless families
    • people with drug and alcohol use problems
    • older people
    • young people and care leavers
    • people with physical health problems
    • people who have learning difficulties.

    Year-on-year these services have supported between 98% and 99% of customers to maintain independence and sustain their tenancies.

    Flexibility and partnership working are key to the success of our floating support services. Staff are responsive to individual customer needs and circumstances, providing more intensive support where needed. Our co-location model means working directly alongside local services, such as community mental health teams and housing teams. This means truly effective partnership work and helps promote access to the service.

    Support packages from our floating support services include:

    • benefits advice
    • tenancy sustainment
    • accessing local services
    • developing life skills
    • social inclusion
    • tackling complex debt problems
    • building and strengthening relationships
    • helping customers to move on
    • employment and training
    • budgeting
    • debt management.


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