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    Tile House
    The first outcome from One Housing and Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust’s (C&I) strategic alliance is the game changing ‘Care Support Plus’ model at Tile House in Kings Cross which has raised the bar for people with complex mental health problems.

    Tile House opened in September 2012 and provides 15 high quality self-contained supported housing units that are designed to a high specification. Purpose designed safety features enable us to effectively manage risk, while homely communal areas can be used for workshops and groups sessions. Support is delivered in partnership with C&I who provide clinical on-site support. This enhanced level of integration enables shared management of risk and joint responsibility for recovery outcomes.

    Key outcomes of this unique partnership approach include;

    • Saving money - Compared with the customers’ previous placement costs, Tile House has saved the system £443,964 per annum (which equates to 1,298 NHS bed days)
    • Improved customer skills - The average ‘Activities for Daily Living’ score (a measure of key skills ) has improved from 4.05 to 6.37
    • Reduction in in hospital admissions - From 408 weeks in the two years prior to move in down to 57.7 weeks in the two years spent at Tile House

    Crucially, Tile House has prepared customers to move on to other forms of accommodation and to avoid eviction from the service. We have expanded the Care Support Plus model with the opening of 12 additional flats at Cliff Road, Camden in July 2016. We have also have received substantial interest from mental health trusts across London and the South East who are keen to replicate the Tile House ‘Care Support Plus’ model in their locality.


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