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    Customer Board
    We are committed to empowering our customers to have greater control over and co-produce the services they receive from us.

    Mission and vision of our Customer Board

    To enable and empower customers to be able to influence the housing, care and support services they receive and to ensure they are presented with real choices in service delivery and development.

    Members of our Customer Board include:

    • current customers
    • former customers
    • independent members
    • our Group Director for Housing, Care and Support
    • a One Housing Group Board member
    • representatives from One Support’s Service Development Team.

    The Board's diverse membership means helps ensure that our services are driven by the people who receive them and that customers who are involved acquire valuable skills and experience and can implement meaningful change.

    The Customer Board's achievements include:

    • heading up a network of Regional Customer Panels
    • monitoring our operational performance and policies
    • inspecting our services
    • developing and overseeing our customer involvement strategy
    • co-producing the One Support Local Offer.


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