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    Case studies
    Our customers come from various backgrounds and all have different stories. But regardless of their history, one thing all of them get when they join our Employment and Training service is a chance to improve their lives.

    Employment support for the whole family: Nzuzi

    Nzuzi, a single mother, had been supported by our service and secured part time employment with our help. She was anxious that her two sons would never find a job and sought our help to engage with them. We contacted Nzuzi’s older son, who had recently graduated from university and was struggling to find employment. He was looking for local employment whilst deciding on a career path and keen to start earning a wage. We met with him, provided coaching and guidance and helped him secure a interview. He secured the role on the same day and is now happily employed.

    Nzuzi’s younger son also registered with our service. Soon to be 18 and seeking employment before going to university, he was looking for a flexible role that would allow him to save money.
    We supported him into securing an interview with Marks & Spencer and negotiated a flexible contract with the company. Nzuzi’s younger son secured the role and told us it was the best birthday present he had ever received.

    Holistic service with training and career advice: Nichola

    Nichola is a One Housing resident who lives on the Isle of Dogs. She made contact with the employment and training team after receiving our training schedule and signed up to a free training course.
    Nichola was running her own catering company but was also looking for secure employment. She was interested in working with children and needed help with getting into the education and care sector.
    Our employment consultant met with Nichola and established her needs and career goals. She was supported to create a CV and apply for various roles suited to her requirements. As she was a single parent we focused on part-time educational roles, within her local area, allowing the flexibility to balance work and childcare commitments.

    Nichola lacked confidence at the beginning and was nervous about potential interviews so we arranged for her to attend an interviewing skills training course. When she was invited for her first interview as a care worker, Nichola was able to manage her nerves and performed well, securing the job. We kept supporting Nicola as she was pleased to be working but did not feel the role was 100% right for her. After gaining experience and confidence from being employed, we supported Nicola again to interview as a teaching assistant with a local recruitment agency. She was successful at this interview and offered a role shortly afterwards. Nichola has been working as a teaching assistant since February 2017 and is thrilled with her career.

    This is what Nicola said about us:

    “I have recommended the Employment and Training Service to other residents and will continue to do so, they have helped me a great deal. The training has helped me to build my confidence and meet new people. I am truly grateful for all the support I have received.”

    Help with finding jobs and interviews: Desmoina

    Desmoina was referred for employment support at One Housing. Having been out of work for over six months, she was frustrated not to being able to find a job and was feeling depressed about her chances of finding employment in the future.
    Desmoina was keen to secure work as soon as possible, so after identifying a range of relevant vacancies, her employment consultant helped her writing her CV, focusing on the roles she was applying for. Desmoina also needed help preparing for interviews. We helped her build her confidence and presentation skills through coaching and role play. With our help, Desmoina attended two interviews and was successful at both. She is now  financially independent and able to support herself.

    She was extremely grateful for the service she received from One Housing and said: “My employment consultant was brilliant, very engaging and hard working. I could not expect anything more from her, she was patient and understanding. At the start I was anxious but my first impression was that I knew I would get the help I needed. I am so happy with the support I’ve received from beginning to end!”


    Personalised employment support: Judith

    Judith registered with the employment team in 2017 after visiting one of our offices and noticing a poster advertising the employment and training service. Judith told us that she was not getting the results she hoped for with her local Job Centre Plus office and that she desperately wanted to use her skills within the care sector and become financially dependent. Her employment consultant analysed and adjusted her CV and discussed how we could add value to her chosen career path. Judith had a wealth of experience as a support worker in various countries around the world with many sought after skills. We contacted our partner companies and helped Judith secure an interview. The HR manager who interviewed Judith was extremely impressed with her skills and immediately offered her a job. Judith says:

    “I am very thankful and grateful for the help I've received from the service. I had given up on finding my dream job. Other agencies offered empty hope but you delivered, you are fantastic.

    All I can say is thank you for the vote of confidence. I hope other people can benefit from your guidance, efforts and care. I feel happy and I'm enjoying my new job. Five star service!

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