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    Neighbours in dispute often find it difficult to talk to each other or make each other understand their point of view. Sometimes an impartial third party is needed and a Housing officer or an ASB coordinator will make a referral, with your consent, to the Mediation service.

    Mediation is a way of dealing with disputes between neighbours. It provides support to both parties involved to come to a realistic agreement and resolve their problems. A mediator doesn't take sides and can't force either of the parties to accept the demands of the other.

    Mediation gives you a chance to say how you feel and sometimes an apology from either party is enough to resolve a problem. Mediators are professionally trained and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues.

    We can refer the following cases to the Mediation service:

    • noise issues
    • ASB from neighbours
    • families needing support with their children
    • dogs barking
    • boundary disputes
    • parking issues
    • anything that affects your ability to live a normal life.

    After the referral has been made, the mediators involved in the case will contact you and your neighbour. They'll meet you individually to discuss the problem and how it can be resolved.  Anything you tell the mediators during the meeting is private and confidential (with the exception of disclosure and serious abuse) unless otherwise agreed.

    If a joint meeting is agreed, the mediators will give each person the chance to talk about the problem and how it is affecting them. The mediators will make sure that everyone understands what each person has said, allow them to respond and identify any issues that need to be sorted out. They will then help both parties to come to an agreement and find a solution to the problem. This agreement is not legally binding but simply acts as a reminder to both parties about what has been agreed between them.

    Mediation works if: 

    • you are willing to take part

    • you are prepared to be honest and open about the situation and the part you have played in it

    • you are committed to co-operate with each other to find a solution

    • you feel safe and know there is no risk of violence

    Mediation can fail if:

    • you or your neighbour don't want to take part

    • there is a risk of harm or physical violence

    • one party feels intimidated by the other

    • the dispute has reached a point where legal action is needed


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