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    How we tackle ASB
    We take all reports of ASB seriously and deal with them as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you are at immediate risk this will be within 24 to 48 hours. We work with community partners to prevent and deal with ASB and we support victims and witnesses of ASB.

    Once you have reported ASB to us we will:

    • Acknowledge your report
    • Provide you with a reference number
    • Risk assess the report
    • Ask for evidence. You may be asked to complete an initial incident report and diary logs to record incidents that are occurring. You can download a diary sheets here. Completed diary logs help us build up a picture of the behaviour and will be used to tailor our approach to remedy the situation. They may also be used later as evidence, if enforcement action is required.
    • Keep you informed of the progress of your report
    • Try to prevention and early intervention methods where possible

    Depending on the type of case, we have a range of tools to tackle ASB such as

    • Warning letters to the perpetrator - warning letters are used to clearly set out the reports of ASB, the reason for the warning and the likely consequences should the conduct complained of continue.
    • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) - residents are asked to sign an agreement with One Housing Group in which they agree to abide by a set of rules in accordance with the terms of their tenancy agreement.
    • Mediation - a formal meeting between all people involved in the case to discuss the problems and agree a solution.
    • Referrals to other partner agencies. A variety of agencies may become involved in an ASB case. Examples of partner agencies are: local drug and alcohol intervention support, Youth Offending Teams (YOT), Local Authority ASB Teams, and local youth interventions such as Passage to Progress (P2P).

    We also work with our partners such as councils, the police and other local agencies to tackle the causes and effects of ASB, where we have the powers and ability to do so.

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