One Housing

    One Housing build new housing schemes that include not only affordable rented homes, but also shared ownership, market rented and private sale homes, and often our schemes will include commercial units. We are London’s largest developer of specialist supported housing and extra care homes.

    There are four main teams within our Development directorate:

    The Land and Planning team identifies, investigates, appraises and purchases land, organising construction contracts with builders and securing planning with local authorities. 

    The Construction and Delivery team deals with the delivery element of the schemes while they’re on site and all the potential issues that may arise during this period. 

    The Pre-Construction team optimises schemes to raise quality and reduce costs. As the designs evolve from concept to reality the team makes sure that our homes are designed and built efficiently and to high standards. The after sales, defects and customer satisfaction functions also fall within this team. Capturing information about our homes as they are used is vital to ensuring that we can improve our designs, specification and procedures. 

    The Programme Information team is the central hub for reports and information for the organisation Gathering, monitoring and reporting information across all stages of the development process, providing administrative support for the department and managing the external funding programmes from the GLA and HCA as well as the Corporate Programme. The team also oversees budget and expenditure cash flow and provides training to team members.

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