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    Carl shares his positive story about the support he received at Arlington

    Carl Carlos, 58, moved to Arlington in September 2014. Prior to this, he had been living in various homeless hostels for over six years and needed continuous support around his learning disability, diabetes and mobility. Carl was referred to Arlington by Single Homeless Project, a charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable people to transform their lives.

    When he moved in, Carl struggled with his mobility and needed support from his key worker. Carl says: “My key worker at Arlington used to take me to my doctor appointments and helped me understand things better. I couldn’t tidy up my room and my key worker used to come around and help me with it”.

    Carl’s key worker also provided emotional support when Carl was feeling down, and helped him with budgeting and with setting up a bank account. “If I had a problem, he would be there for me,” he says.

    In June this year, Carl moved on from Arlington and is now living in semi-independent accommodation in leafy Primrose Hill, thanks to the support he received at Arlington. Carl has his own room which he finds easier to maintain, and a shared kitchen and lounge area where he has help on standby for cooking his meals, and can socialise with others.

    Carl’s move has made a massive difference to his life. He enjoys the peacefulness of his new home and adds: “I’m very happy here – I really am. I’d recommend One Housing to others in similar circumstances.” 

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