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Ward Road/Jupp Road: there is currently no heating. Our gas engineers are on site fitting new parts to the heating system. 

Leeward Court: there is no hot water. An engineer is on site and attending to the issue. 

    Our behaviours
    We are a dynamic and commercially driven organisation with a passion for making a positive difference to people’s lives and communities. Our organisational behaviours help us to deliver our high quality service and set a standard of how each of us interacts with our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.

    Everyone is encouraged to live these behaviours and integrate them in everything we do and our staff are regularly recognised for demonstrating them. 

    Our five core behaviours are:


    Collaboration – Someone or a team that has the drive and energy to become more of a united workforce; has effective working relations, improved partnerships with staff, customers/residents and stakeholders and consistently champions team working. Shares their knowledge and resources to maximise opportunities and outcomes and the benefits this has brought to the organisation. 


    Collaboration in action:
    “Due to emergency leave, an appointment for an important repair may have been missed if it was not for Turgay Guler (Maintenance Surveyor) being both reactive and proactive. He attended the appointment and organised the contractor to carry out the works on the same day bringing an immediate resolution to the issue. A great display of collaborative working that had multiple parties pulling together in the same direction to get this issue fixed.” Thomas James, Performance, Improvement and Policy.



    Ambition – Someone or a team that has the flair and ability to think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to improve existing processes and ways of working. Suggestions increase efficiency, lead to cost savings or improve the service we deliver to residents or customers in another way. This also includes the personal drive and desire to grow in the organisation for self and others. 


     Ambition in action:
    “Kelly McMinn is a fantastic representative of embodying our corporate behaviours, especially ambition. Throughout her time in the company, starting nearly a decade ago in 2004, she has always strived to achieve greater things. Kelly initially joined the organisation as a receptionist in 2004 and has since earned several promotions and progressed extensively throughout the business due to her enthusiasm and ambition. Kelly’s current post, since the beginning of 2012 is now Senior Team Manager for Enfield and Barnet Mental Health - she is an excellent example of ambition.” Philippa Slee, Human Resources.



    Excellence – Someone or a team that shows continual hard work, dedication and commitment and goes above and beyond the remit and responsibilities of their role on many occasions. This includes excellence in terms of customer service and cases and dealing well with difficult situations to achieve a positive outcome. 


     Excellence in action:
    “When preparing the quarterly group wide maintenance KPIs, a report critical to the entire project corrupted. Alan Thompson (Application Development Manager) displayed the core behaviour of excellence by not only finding and rectifying the fault at short notice allowing me to get the report out on time, but he also relocated the report to a more stable server to minimise the chance of this issue reoccurring in the future. A great example of excellence in action.” Rory Alexander, Property Services.



    Respect - Someone or a team that has a feeling of appreciation for others; who has trust, openness and honesty, values the equality and diversity of colleagues and customers and has the highest of integrity and levels of esteem in self and others. They show appreciation, openness and courteousness towards other staff members, residents/customers, stakeholders and the organisation as a whole.


    Respect in action:
    “Being part of the Customer Contact Centre (CCC), there are often days which are extremely busy and stressful. My manager, Pamella Hamilton (Team Leader, CCC) consistently displays the core behavior of respect by always making me feel appreciated for the work I do. My manager’s open and honest way of working allows me to put my trust in Pamella to seek support when needed. I speak for my entire team when I say Pamella’s management style makes us feel valued as an individual and as a team.” Shreen Rahman, Customer Contact Centre.



    Engagement – Someone or a team that proactively or creatively engages with and involves staff, customers and stakeholder groups. Particularly with those that were not previously participating in OHG's work and significantly increases levels of involvement and participation among certain groups, as well as producing positive outcomes.


    Engagement in action:
    "Kiera Curran, ASB Coordinator, is a prime example of someone who always engages with others. She proactively and tirelessly works with our staff, residents and stakeholders, including local councils and the police, to better improve our services and the quality of lives for our residents and customers. She engages with everyone internally, keeping staff up-to-date with her team's work through blogs and news stories, and externally through her own twitter account. As a communications professional, I believe Kiera demonstrates the optimum level of engagement." Hanna Hales, Communications.

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