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    There are a range of ways to move home depending on your circumstances. Here is information on: internal transfers, under-occupiers, direct applicants, mutual exchange (HomeSwapper), moving through a local authority and moving out of London.

    Internal transfers
    To qualify for a transfer to another One Housing property you must hold a permanent tenancy, have no rent arrears and have occupied your property for at least one year unless there are exceptional circumstances. You will need to complete a One Housing transfer application form, supply relevant documentation and a medical assessment form, if required.

    Once we receive your application, we will assess it and place it into one of four bands in accordance with your housing need. We will also give you a PIN and ID number to “bid” for properties under our Choice Based Lettings transfer scheme. If you are a registered transfer applicant, please log in to the Home Connections website and check for available properties.

    Only a few properties become available each year, so you could be waiting for a number of years on this scheme. We give priority to those people who have been on the list the longest, those with serious medical conditions affected by their housing or those at serious risk due to harassment.

    If your current home is too big for your needs you may be able to move to a more suitably sized home and receive a cash incentive for doing so. You may be able to get help with the cost of removal expenses, disconnection and reconnection charges for utilities and white goods. Ask the Allocations team for more information.

    Direct applicants
    One Housing does not accept direct applicants. Our clients are referred via local authority nominations or referrals from housing agencies therefore One Housing is unable to assist you directly. You do have the option of registering for housing with any local authority of your choice.

    If you currently have a tenancy with a registered provider you may wish to consider a mutual exchange using one of the recognised sites such as HomeSwapper or House Exchange. Further details can be found below.

    Residents of the London Borough of Camden who wish to move home, please click here for some important information.

    Mutual exchange (HomeSwapper)
    A mutual exchange is when you swap your property with a tenant from One Housing, another housing association or a local authority. You must get your landlord’s permission before you swap homes. There are certain rules that apply, and not everyone will qualify. 

    One Housing is a full member of the HomeSwapper mutual exchange scheme, which allows you to search their database properties. Register now for free at HomeSwapper or fill out a homeswapper form [PDF.125KB] and return it to your housing officer. 

    Once you have received your username and password, you will have full access to this scheme. When you have found a property you wish to exchange with, please complete the Mutual Exchange application form in full and return it to your Housing Officer.

    You are not allowed to offer or accept money as part of an exchange. This could lead to you being evicted.

    For more information, read our FAQs on mutual exchange [PDF.161KB] 

    Moving through a local authority 
    If you want to get on the list for council housing please contact the allocations team who will send you an application form.

    Moving out of London
    If you are considering the option of moving out of London, some out of London councils have a lower demand for their housing stock.  You may be able to apply to the council for help with the cost of travelling to look at a property outside of London, removal expenses, disconnection and reconnection charges for utilities. Ask the allocations team for more information or contact the council directly to see if they offer this service.

    If you have any questions regarding the above information please contact our Allocations Team on 0300 123 9966 / 020 8821 5230 or email

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