Grenfell Tower and fire safety: One Housing bulletin

We have all been shocked by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June. This terrible event is having serious implications for landlords and tenants across the country, including One Housing and our residents. We want to reassure you that One Housing is totally committed to providing safe homes and reducing the risk of fires.

Teams across our organisation have worked together to produce an information bulletin to help keep you informed about work we are doing in relation to fire safety.

The bulletin includes a set of questions and answers responding to the many enquiries we have received since the Grenfell Tower fire, including:

  • how we review our buildings for fire safety
  • what we're doing about fire safety in our properties
  • what we're doing to reassure residents
  • what is our fire evacuation policy
  • how many high-rise buildings we manage
  • do any of our blocks or other homes have the same kind of cladding used at Grenfell Tower

You will also find information about how we can work together to prevent fires, and how we've been helping those affected. 

Click here to read the bulletin: Grenfell Tower & fire safety bulletin - 5 July 2017. 

We are working to respond to the many individual enquiries we have received following the fire at Grenfell Tower and hope this general bulletin provides useful information and reassurance while we follow-up with specific enquiries and concerns.

Latest news

Since we completed the bulletin, we have received the result from our first cladding test, which has confirmed that the sample is not the same type of cladding used on Grenfell Tower (aluminium composite material or ACM), and therefore will not need further testing.

As we explain in the bulletin, we have sent a number of samples of cladding from our buildings to be tested by the Buildings Research Establishment, which is carrying out the Government’s testing programme, to establish if they are ACM or not.

We are waiting for the results from all of these tests, which we will share as soon as we have them.

--> If you have any concerns about fire safety at your One Housing property, see our website for more information, call our dedicated phone line on 020 8821 5248 or email